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June 2024

The Gospel of Mark describes the terror of being lost at sea, far from shore. Through it all, Jesus sat asleep in the boat, until the disciples woke him with their frightened cries to save them.

Sometimes we, too, may experience the storms of life, but if we cry out to Jesus, our cries will be heard, and Jesus can help still the storms of our lives.

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Join us at 11:15 this Sunday, at Avenue des Héros 40, 1160 Auderghem.

Save the Date!

22 June:  Potluck meal with our host church, 19:00.

29 June:  Men of the Church meet for Bible Study, 9:30 at Fox.

3 July:  Church Council meets by Zoom, 20:00.

20 July:  Women of the Church meet, 10:30.

1 September:  Creation Sunday, 11:15.

7 September:  EPUB District meeting, 9:30.

8 September:  Welcome Back luncheon, after worship.

21 September:  TBA, possible retreat or vespers service.

22 September:  Car-free Sunday, no worship service.

6 October:  World Communion Sunday.

20 October:  Harvest Festival, after worship.

27 October:  Reformation Day service, followed by a potluck luncheon, 11:15.

24 November:  Thanksgiving luncheon, after worship.

1 December:  Hanging of the Greens service, 11:15.

15 December:  Advent Lessons and Carols, 16:00.

24 December:  Christmas Eve candlelight worship service, 17:00.

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Our Life at IPC


We have a full program of Choir, Worship, and Fellowship every Sunday, with special events held throughout the year. There are also a variety of educational and fellowship events every week.

Children’s Sunday School is available as needed —  children and their teacher leave for Sunday School immediately following the Anthem.

Women of the Church meetings are monthly on Saturday mornings. Watch the website or the Weekend Watch email for details!

Men of the Church meet twice a month on Fridays for drinks and snacks, and meet one Saturday a month for breakfast.

We celebrated our 100th anniversary all last year . Our congregation began with a series of meetings in 1922, ending in the laying of a cornerstone on November 9, 1923, at a church on the Champs de Mars in downtown Brussels. We are excited to begin our second century!

Mission of the Month June 2024

Nos Pilifs

Our Mission Project for the month of June is “Le Centre Nos Pilifs,” a local school for autistic children. Currently they have approximately 60 students enrolled. Children diagnosed with autism face enormous challenges in leading what we would call a normal day-to-day life. Not only do they have difficulties with social interaction, communication, and cognitive skills, but motor skills are also affected. Simply grasping an object with the palm of their hand, rotating their wrist, as well as eye-hand coordination are skills that are hard for them to master. It takes time, patience and the proper equipment.

In the past, our donations made it possible for Nos Pilifs to purchase educational toys, musical instruments, bicycles, and scooters to help with their development. Last year our project centered around contact with the “outside world,” which is also very important for autistic children. Below is a short description.

Nos Pilifs organizes regular trips for the children to a small private pool, an indoor playground, and a circus school, all of which cater to their special needs. These are wonderful opportunities for the children to develop new motor skills and build confidence. As you can imagine, this can be quite expensive. In the past, parents covered part of the cost. However, new rules as of 2023 required Belgian schools to pay the total cost of all cultural and sports activities for children in nursery school, and elementary school, grades 1-3. This meant that financial help from the parents was no longer an option. Last year your donations helped defray the cost of these activities, making it possible for the children to continue to enjoy them, and benefit from the positive impact on their development. These trips were so beneficial to the children and so successful that we decided to continue to support the same project this year. Please consider donating to this worthy cause.

Thank you for your generosity!

If you wish to obtain a tax credit for Belgian taxes, or for more information, please see Nancy Evans.