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May 2024

Not long after Jesus’ death and resurrection, the disciples joined pilgrims from throughout the Mediterranean world to gather in Jerusalem for the Festival of Shavuot, one of the three major Jewish pilgrimage festivals. Shavuot, sometimes called the Festival of Weeks because it occurred a week of weeks (49 days, or 50 days after Passover, was known as Pentecost in Greek. On that day, the disciples experienced a new manifestation of the Holy Spirit, that brought new understanding among peoples of all languages and cultures. What happened, and what does that mean for us today? Come to church to hear more!

Join us at 11:15  this Sunday, at Avenue des Héros 40, 1160 Auderghem.

Save the Date!

17 May:  Men of the Church meet, 18:00 at La Terrasse.

18 May:  Women of the Church meet, 10:30 at the home of Agnieszka.

25 May:  Men of the Church meet, 9:30 at Fox.

25 May:  Vivaldi concert  (fee), 20:00 at church.

26 May:  Brussels 20 km race will block some routes to church.  E-411 is the best way to cross over the race route, or take the Metro.

2 June:  Hail and Farewell potluck meal after worship.

22 June:  Potluck meal with our host church, 19:00.

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Our Life at IPC


We have a full program of Choir, Worship, and Fellowship every Sunday, with special events held throughout the year. There are also a variety of educational and fellowship events every week.

Children’s Sunday School is available as needed —  children and their teacher leave for Sunday School immediately following the Anthem.

Women of the Church meetings are monthly on Saturday mornings. Watch the website or the Weekend Watch email for details!

Men of the Church meet twice a month on Fridays for drinks and snacks, and meet one Saturday a month for breakfast.

We celebrated our 100th anniversary all last year . Our congregation began with a series of meetings in 1922, ending in the laying of a cornerstone on November 9, 1923, at a church on the Champs de Mars in downtown Brussels. We are excited to begin our second century!

Mission of the Month

May 2024

Lina’s Project

This month’s mission is Lina’s Project, named after Nancy Evans’s late daughter who passed away several years ago. Since Lina loved children, we decided that sponsoring summer activities for under-privileged children would be a good project in her memory. The goal was to celebrate her life, and what better way than to try to bring joy and happiness to others.

The project began in 2017, sponsored by Lina’s former employer, AFME. Nativitas, a non-profit organization here in Brussels, agreed to put the plan into action. Originally intended as a one-time event, it was so popular that we decided to continue the following year. We have been functioning ever since, solely thanks to donations. This is the sixth year that IPC has adopted the project.

Among the families who turn to Nativitas for help, the social worker selects those with the lowest incomes. Most of them live in the Marolles, a very poor area of Brussels. Our project is multi-cultural, reaching out to children of many different origins, including Belgian children. The parents receive information about local summer activities organized in the area during the day, but also possibilities for over-night camps in the Ardennes, up at the Belgian coast, or even in France. They then discuss the different possibilities with their children and choose what they would like best.